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Our seat covers can vary depending on the seats but generally speaking the first time around will be a bit of learning curve an may take you about an hour for a pair of front seats. Once you get a hang of it, you can bring that down to 30 or 45 mins for a set of covers. 

Yes, all our seat covers will have a hidden cutout, or will have a special stitching designed to rip easily if the airbag were to deploy. All seat covers have been tested with real airbags to ensure they work properly in the case of an accident. 

The answer is no. Only in extremely rare circumstances will they require professional installation and if they do it’s usually only the rear seats that require this. 

Yes you will. We do not block any seat controls or cupholders. In some cases some side lumbar levers may be covered over but please mention this to us and we can try to accommodate those controls. 

Our seat covers will not block the anchors. If you are concerned about this please email us a photo of all the locations and we will ensure they do not get missed. 

No, these are slipover seat covers. These are designed to go over your existing seats. You do not have to remove any of the original upholstery. 

Most often they are labelled but is not, you can tell by the minor differences in the seat cushions and whether there is an airbag flap or not. The airbag flap is always on the outside of the seat (side closest to the windows). Also sometimes there is no difference between the cushions pieces between the driver and passenger sides so you can interchange them.

What People Are Saying...
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the car sear covers worked out pretty well

6 months ago
Jim L

I was suprised the seat covers came with the console covers for my middle front seat. They've been a great addition for me and my wife and my dog (that sheds a lot!) The dog hairs are easier to wipe off. Before they would stick into the seats.

8 months ago

Theses look and feel great, happy with my purchase

8 months ago
Verified BuyerVerified Buyer

I’m a hunter and these camo covers fit with my truck and my lifestyle. They hold up well in the backcountry, especially when I’m geared up and in the bush.

9 months ago

Seat covers look were a nice addition to my 2nd gen taco. The original seats were lighter and I wanted to change up the colour to match the trim in the truck. The two-toned colours look great, and I'm happy with these covers. They fit REALLY well and didn't take long to put on

9 months ago
Sal G.
Verified BuyerVerified Buyer

These corduras are very durable. They are a bit stiff and rugged, and that’s what I need for my work truck.

9 months ago
First Time Ordering Seat Covers?
Read This to Learn How it Works...
Step 1: Choose Your Seat Cover Fabric

Start by choosing one of the fabrics we offer. Click here to view all the seat covers we offer. If you need additional help, you can always call us at 1-833-709-1888 and we can make some tailored recommendations based on your needs.

neo=supreme seat covers red and black
color swatch
Step 2: Choose Color, Seats, and Options
  • Choose a Color: The colors we offer are available in the swatches. Please note for some fabrics, we can offer additional customizations options, please call us or contact us for these options.
  • Choose Your Vehicle: Choose your year, make and model and then select the row and the seats that correspond to your model. If you are unsure of what seats you have, simply upload a photo and we will confirm this for you.
  • Answer the Questions: Please answer the additional questions that follow. This is to ensure we have every seat feature correct. Select “Not Sure” if in doubt, and again we will verify with photos.
Step 3: Upload Photos (Optional)

The last step is simply uploading photos. This ensures we avoid costly and time consuming returns and ensures we get it right the first time. View our photo taking guide or simply do the following:

  1. Take photos of the driver’s seat showing the entire seat from the drivers side door.
  2. Take photos of the passenger seat from the passenger side door.
  3. Take photos of the rear seat and any other rows of seating.
  4. Take a photo of the exterior to show the vehicle model and cab size if applicable. 
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